Children and parenting issues, including relocation and change of residence
Our family lawyers understand that each family is unique. Arrangements which are suitable for one family may not be appropriate for another family.

We support clients in working together with their former partner to negotiate parenting arrangements, which are in the best interests of their children and are practical for their family. When recourse to litigation is necessary, we assist clients to navigate the Court process with dignity and integrity to achieve child focused outcomes.

We assist clients in disputes with respect to the residence of children, parenting arrangements for time (child custody), schooling issues, change of name, parental alienation and children at risk due to drug and alcohol or mental health issues.

We represent clients in Victoria, interstate and overseas, including with respect to the relocation of children and associated international issues.

We work with child psychologists, counsellors, dispute resolution practitioners and independent children’s lawyers as part of the family law process to achieve positive outcomes for clients and their families.