Pre nuptial and other financial agreements
We draft binding financial agreements for parties prior to and during a de facto relationship or marriage, and following separation and divorce. 

Our family lawyers assist clients at the start of a relationship to plan for the future and how they may wish to divide their assets in the event of separation.  When drafting Binding Financial Agreements, we work with clients to understand their priorities and what they want to achieve with the Agreement, whether this is quarantining existing assets, protecting a future inheritance or protecting family wealth.

We also assist clients later in life to navigate complex family issues and protect their assets, which is often incorporated as part of estate planning.

We prepare binding financial agreements for clients who have separated and wish to formalise a property settlement, which may not otherwise be approved by a Court.  This may be because the agreement provides for the parties to remain financially connected for commercial reasons or may not be considered by a Court to be just and equitable.